Repair Tapes and Peel ‘n Stick Repair Tapes for EPDM, TPO, PVC, HYPALON, and Metal Roofs.

Recognized for over 40 years as quality supplier of 30 generic roofing materials direct from 2 factories to roofing wholesalers nationwide


Roofing contractors for over 35 years have been purchasing roofing materials with recognized labels such as Carlisle, Firestone, Johns-Manville and others. The attraction was “labor and material guarantees” for 10 to 15 years or more. The guarantees come from the national marketers, not from the installing contractor.

In new construction, this was (and is) attractive to architects, ect., as well as to property owners. To finance roofing labor and material guarantees, components of a roofing system are sold at significantly higher prices to establish capital reserves for service over the years.

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Continental’s marketplace is new roof construction, roof repair, and roof maintenance. By eliminating the manufacturers’ guarantees of labor and materials, and substituting them with the same as and/or equal roofing products, and guaranteeing the “merchantability of the products”, the labor guarantee comes directly from the installing contractor. This allows Continental to sell roofing materials to wholesalers Worldwide at a 20% to 30% discount below current market. All products are available with a ‘no-risk’ trial offer.


30 generic roofing items on current price list

Direct shipments mean savings to you!

Shipments from full truckload to as little as 1/2 pallet assorted at truck-load prices.

Your costs are lowered by 20% to 30%.


We have been distributing Continental’s roofing products for many years with complete satisfaction.

Atlantic Roofing Distributors, N. Charlestown, S.C.

Continental’s products perform very well, as reported by our many satisfied contractors.

Interstate Roofing Supplies, West Jordan, UT

Continental’s roofing product line and technical support are both excellent

- Roofing and Supply Co., Chattanooga, TN

Continental? Their products are good. Their prices can’t be beat

Larry's Lumber & Supplies, Bloomsburg, PA

Ask The EPDM Roofing Expert

Our expert technical advisors have had over 30 years of experience with all major EPDM suppliers, acting as Contractors, Installers, Job Foremen, Salesmen, Estimators, and Shop Draftsmen.

We can help you solve any related roofing problems.

Continental Rubber Company. This is one of the many private labels offered by our two factories.

They want to build their company name and their company’s reputation for their future. Bid and do “warranty” work to maintain their presence, but try to establish 40% or more of their business with their own company guarantee. They want the property owner to come to them with their next job, not to an architect, or a representative of a national marketer or manufacturer. They will wind up with many satisfied customers who want them–and cut-throat “competitive bidding” becomes less of a problem! They are sitting in their customer’s office, quietly demonstrating why they should accept the contractor’s bid, even if it is higher! Your contractor has a final private time at bat.

After 5 or 10 years, he has built a solid list of satisfied customers who want him! Continue to do so and he builds a company that will stay in business.

One of our major factory sources once was one of the largest distributors of sheet stock to wholesalers only of sheet stock. When Colonial Rubber Works (one of the great pioneers of EPDM) was purchased, the buyer refused to sell to our factory, because Continental Rubber Company refused to maintain artifically high prices with a “labor and material warranty” program. With no sheet stock to sell, all sales efforts turned toward the adhesives, sealants, caulks, and tapes. Without sheet stock, and without a labor warranty program, the factories have been concentrating on the “after-market” of repairs and the second roof, etc. 35 years of successful results have now culminated in the ability of Continental to help you buy for less.